Azena: The easiest way to your IP camera app

A simple camera can make a huge difference when it comes to safety and business performance – but only when it’s paired with the right software. However, finding the best software for your specific use case often requires a lot of time and effort. To make sure each user can easily find and install the optimal app, Azena has built an open IoT platform for commercial cameras.

World’s first app marketplace for commercial cameras

Azena has developed the world’s first global app marketplace for security cameras. Their IoT ecosystem consists of an open operating system, a developer portal, an application store, and a portal for integrators that allows the management of cameras and apps.

The platform works on a similar principle as an app store. It gathers innovative IP camera apps in one place and enables quick and easy installation. The integration doesn’t require any manual changes on the cameras; all it takes to install the desired app is a few clicks.

By providing easy access to smart, AI-powered software, Azena’s platform helps turn commercial cameras into powerful data analyzers.

Security and Safety Things demo at CES
Security and Safety booth at CES2020

Audience analysis via IP cameras

Commercial cameras have many uses – from customer monitoring to security. Computer vision helps make such cameras smarter by gathering specific data. For example, computer vision algorithms can detect faces, analyze demographics, recognize people, and more.

For the Azena marketplace, we have built an AI-powered demo application that detects human faces from a live camera feed. The app estimates age, gender, and emotions of detected faces, and recognizes their identity. A simple dashboard clearly displays the processed data and statistics in real time.

Users can easily install the app on their cameras and start using it in just a few clicks. That is a great achievement, considering the complexity of all the technologies that are combined for this particular solution.

This application can be used for audience analysis in various use cases. For example, it can be integrated into retail cameras to prevent shoplifting or to analyze customer traffic. Furthermore, it can help boost security in fast-paced environments such as airports and railway stations, or any other area that requires better access control.

Launching in 2020

Azena will showcase a demo of their platform at the world’s largest tech events including CES and MWC. To learn how audience analysis and face recognition can help boost your business, get in touch.

“As a marketplace for state-of-the-art, AI-driven video analytics software, we were very excited to welcome Visage Technologies as a new solution to our application store. The team ported their solution to our environment in a matter of a few weeks. Our collaboration was extremely professional, solution-driven and productive. Now we are able to offer to the market an advanced application for biometric and emotional analytics that has impressed our partners and opens up many new use cases for our customers. We are excited about what’s more to come!”

Hartmut Scharper, CEO, Security and Safety Things GmbH