Hubert’s Lemonade: A truly interactive website that rewards joy
  • Client:

    Coca Cola

  • Technology:

    Face tracking

  • Use case:

    Interactive website based on facial gesture detection

About the client

LRXD is a full-service digital and traditional advertising agency. The agency takes pride in working with companies that bring good to the world, with a focus on highly individual and original brand experiences. Those principles shine through the immersive website they’ve built for Coca-Cola’s popular drink – Hubert’s Lemonade.

Bringing joy to life with FaceTrack

LRXD’s client Coca Cola wanted a fun, interactive website for their series of refreshing drinks, Hubert’s Lemonade. The product’s branding revolves around the feeling of joy, so joy naturally became the main focus of the website, too. To bring a smile to visitors’ faces, LRXD imagined a truly interactive experience that combines website content with face tracking.

To bring their unique idea to life, LRXD used FaceTrack – proven face tracking technology that detects and tracks 99 facial points. The technology would allow the visitors to interact with the website using nothing but their facial expressions.

Since FaceTrack is extremely lightweight, it runs smoothly in real-time, ensuring the optimal user experience. The tracker works on a broad range of cameras and resolutions, including simple web cams. This makes sure that all visitors get to enjoy the website to its fullest.

Finally, FaceTrack comes with a detailed development guide and lots of customization options, ensuring simple and quick integration.

A truly interactive experience

Just like the drink itself, Hubert’s Lemonade website encourages joy. It’s packed with fun content that changes when a specific facial gesture is detected.

Hubert’s head guides visitors with text instructions as they discover how to control the site’s interactivity with their facial expressions. They can smile, raise their eyebrows, open their mouths wide, and combine different facial gestures to trigger new experiences throughout the website. The results include taking a selfie with a fruity face filter, finding out what happens when you combine a pug with a man, making a fish talk, and more.

Each time a visitor successfully interacts with the website, they earn points. Once they get enough points, they can unlock special stickers and the chance to enter a monthly sweepstake at Hubert’s stand.

Hubert’s: Website Case Film by LRXD.

In the first month after the launch, the site already generated 5,000+ new sessions, a 2800% increase in daily visits and 6,000 joyous experiences throughout 63 countries.

Check out how our face tracking and analysis technology helped bring joy to life, and smile! 🙂