eye square: Human experience research powered by AI

About eye square

eye square is a psychologically oriented, international market research institute. The company specializes in the fields of user experience, brand & media experience and shopper experience research.Founded in 1999, eye square pioneered the use of eye tracking for user and market research. They have built up one of the world’s largest benchmark databases, with results on hundreds of brands, thousands of advertisements and hundreds of thousands of testers. This allows them to benchmark how users experience new websites, mobile applications, products and advertisements against established data gathered by eye square in order to help their clients better understand their own customers and meet their needs more successfully. 

Relying on smart technology

The aim of eye square is to help clients learn a lot about their customers, and how to develop their products and marketing strategies in a customer-efficient way. To gather as much information about the participants as possible, the company chose visage|SDK – proven computer-vision-based technology that lets them track and analyze faces in real time.

They relied on visage|SDK because it was built for both great performance and optimal user experience:

  • 99 facial landmarks, including eyes and gaze, are accurately detected on human faces in real time.
  • visage|SDK delivers great results with a broad range of cameras and resolutions. This is important for remote research which relies on participants’ cameras, whose quality may vary.
  • visage|SDK is quick and lightweight, ensuring optimal performance without overloading the system.
  • Face tracking works locally on any device, even with no Internet connection.
  • FaceAnalysis detects facial expressions in real time in order to estimate current emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust, or neutral.
  • visage|SDK comes with a detailed development guide, samples, and lots of customization options.

Human experience research tools

Knowing how to stand out from the competition and create relevant customer experience is a must for any successful brand. eye square helps brands understand their target audience in order to communicate more purposely and truly meet their needs.

Measuring attention

Human attention is limited, so brands need to make sure they don’t go unnoticed. Finding out what draws (and holds) the attention of their target audience can help design better, more effective communication.

eye square uses eye tracking to answer many burning questions: how striking is the product? Does it differentiate itself from the environment with other competitors? Which ad leads to further engagement?

Analyzing where, when, and for how long people tend to look at something helps better understand their thinking and decision-making processes. This can help recognize emerging patterns in the specific target group’s viewing habits and their expectations about design , content, ad formats, and more. As a result, brands can pinpoint the ad formats, layouts, content etc., that are most likely to be successful.

eye square eye tracking

Analyzing emotions

Emotion analysis is another useful tool in eye square’s market research arsenal. It helps brands differentiate themselves from their competitors and understand how their product speaks to consumers.

Emotional analysis estimates the participants’ current emotions. It detects globally uniform facial expressions as they happen. This allows brands to pinpoint how their advertising makes people feel, and whether or not their new website features leave people fascinated or confused, and how customers react to a new product on the shelf, and more.

Successful marketing is based on emotions. By understanding how their content makes people feel, brands can learn how to tell successful stories and attract the attention of their target group.

eye square emotion analysis

eye square takes pride in carrying out reliable human experience research remotely. This allows them to interview participants anywhere in the world via a simple webcam. This way, it’s possible to carry out large-scale research quickly and significantly, lowering costs.

It’s a simple, cost-efficient and convenient way for brands to really get to know the most important people in their business – their customers – and make sure they deliver the customer experience that will fulfill (and even exceed) their expectations.

visage|SDK is an impressive core technology that has enabled eye square to build attention-, emotion- and behavioral measurement products that work seamlessly in the browser without installing or the need to record or transmit the user’s face image.

The Visage Technologies team has been a pleasure to work with for many years.

Andreas Thölke, CTO & Partner, eye square