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Track head and gaze

FaceTrack provides mobile and adaptable technology for accurate tracking of head pose, gaze direction and eye closure.

Recognize emotions

Monitor gaze, facial expressions and head movements to obtain signs of driver being angry, drowsy or inattentive and send alerts to get back the driver’s attention.

Verify driver identity

Using FaceRecognition to identify the driver allows you to protect the vehicle and even personalize the car settings such as mirrors, seat, music, etc. to their taste.

Where it can be used

Driver state monitoring

  • Detect when the driver is angry, tired or distracted
  • Understand driver’s and passengers’ states and moods
  • Recognize and address safety concerns on time

Driver recognition

  • Identify drivers to prevent car theft
  • Use facial biometrics to unlock and start the car
  • Personalize various car settings automatically

Driving experience

  • Personalize content recommendations based on driver’s emotions
  • Adapt environmental conditions such as lighting, heating, etc. to mood changes

Vehicle handoff

  • Use face tracking and emotion recognition to determine whether the car should take control from the driver

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