[NEW RELEASE] Smaller makeupISDK 4.0 brings less jitter and new features

In the art of self-expression, makeup is often the number one tool for communicating and expressing your personality. And when we add technology to the mix, you get vast possibilities to express yourself in both the real and the digital world. So, with our latest makeupISDK 4.0, we bring even more features and a more realistic AR makeup experience for our customers and their users. 

So, check out all the exciting upgrades of our makeupISDK 4.0 and get ready to revolutionize your virtual makeup game!   

New, smaller architecture of makeupISDK 4.0 for a more realistic experience

Landmark points are crucial for accurate makeup rendering, which is why we made sure to improve the overall experience of makeup application for the end users. 

With this improvement, we reduced the loading time, which means every time users apply a new makeup feature, it will appear faster.  

But that’s not all! The smaller architecture also brought improved accuracy of the landmark points, which means they are now less “jittery” and more precisely fitted on the user’s face. We’ve reduced the “movement” of the makeup, so it looks much more realistic.

More intuitive and accurate makeup fitting

With this release, we specifically focused on the accuracy of AR makeup rendering and better fitting when it comes to contour, foundation, and blush applications. Our makeupISDK 4.0 should, therefore, be more intuitively fitted and extend the feeling of true-to-life accuracy. And to make the experience even more realistic, we added an extra step in the rendering process. We’ve blurred and smoothed out the edges on the foundation, lips, and blush areas.

New finishes and features added 

The year 2023 brings us much more freedom of expression when it comes to makeup applications. 

The glammy and more open-minded color bursts with glitzy and shiny effects splashed all over the face got us excited, and we can expect even more of it as the beautyverse trends continue to evolve. 

These were the main reasons behind our new mascara additions, along with creative eyebrow and eyeliner lines, and vertical eyeshadows. We want to help users to be more expressive and allow for more experimentation with color combos and unique looks. 

We also added new face paints and petal lipstick that cater to younger consumers who consider their digital life equally important as their real-life presence. 

And lastly, we added shimmer and glitter features to lips and eyeshadows, as well as new lip gloss, which specifically takes into account the surrounding lighting to provide a more natural shine to the lip area.

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