[NEW RELEASE] visageISDK 9.0 – smaller, faster, and more accurate

We are closing the year with something special. After several months of thorough research, measurements, and tests, we’ve launched the most robust and stable release yet – visageISDK 9.0.

Here’s what visage|SDK 9.0 brings to the table

visageISDK 9.0 comes with a completely new, smaller architecture for the feature points tracking. While there is usually a trade-off between a lighter model and accuracy, visage|SDK 9.0 improves both on all major platforms.

So, what are the benefits for you? 

→ Smaller code size and data for tracking

→ Faster face analysis, recognition, and tracking algorithms

→ Accuracy improvement of landmark points

Through the fusion of real and virtual worlds, social media and the internet will continue to develop into a more immersive experience. We take this growing trend seriously, so we’ve improved the most important customer platform – HTML5.

Reducing code and data sizes enables you to load our code and data faster and display the results sooner. For example, combined with the model size reduction, visage|SDK for HTML5 is reduced by up to 25%.

Lightweight tracking algorithms have always been one of the strong suits of our technology, so this enables you to create a faster and better user experience on browsers. In other words, end-users get more value in less time out of their browsing experience, and they are less dependent on their internet connection.

Aside from loading time, another important novelty is the improved accuracy of the landmark points. They are now more stable and less ‘jittery’, resulting in a smoother experience and higher precision of the feature points on the user’s face. So, your avatar, makeup, glasses, or any other kind of texture will be more stable and robust. 

And finally, visage|SDK provides an option to automatically detect the best possible backend for a given browser which ensures the best possible performance for the end users.

But wait, there’s more

The visage|SDK 9.0 release also includes all of the upgrades from the previous beta release:

  • Smaller and more accurate age and gender estimation models 
  • More stable and accurate FaceAnalysis results in the multi-frame analysis module
  • A new function that returns a bounding box for each tracked face
  • New accurate and robust physical contour tracking
  • Option to offload visage|SDK processing to GPU for Android and iOS platforms
  • macOS ARM support

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