[NEW RELEASE] visageISDK 9.1s – a total of 151 landmarks, decreased jitter, and improved 3D model fitting quality

Our new visage|SDK 9.1s stable release is ultimately focused on what is important to our clients – the best premium experience of face tracking! 

With a visible improvement in the stability of landmark points, you can expect to see less jitter, improved quality of the 3D fitting model, and an increased number of landmarks in the lip, eye, and brow regions

This makes visageISDK 9.1s our best version yet, with as many as 151 landmarks overall!

Why should you consider the new visage|SDK 9.1s?

Let’s go into a bit more detail now.

visage|SDK 9.1s, with its small and extra light architecture, gives you a lot of advantages over older versions. It is specifically dedicated to our core Face Tracking function, paying much more attention to the stability and alignment of face features. 

Here are the most important improvements and advantages:

➥ There are now as many as 151 landmark points

On top of the previously existing 99 points, we’ve added 16 points on the lips, 28 on the eyes, and an additional 8 on the brows. 

These will give you more accuracy in the detection of specific facial shapes or movements of different facial regions, providing a better experience in rendering textures. From our previous best version 9.0s, we’ve improved by an additional 11%. This means more accuracy with additional landmarks for you. It’s a win-win!

➥ Jitter decrease

With additional landmarks, jitter tends to become more visible. And since we know how important stability is to our clients, we made sure to find a way to decrease it and give visageISDK the flexibility to tackle this issue. 

The 9.1s version, therefore, brings a significant decrease in jitter in non-smoothed landmarks. 

And if more stability is your higher goal, you can get it from our highly flexible new release by enabling the image denoising option. This will result in an additional jitter reduction so you can customize and get even more value for your use case.

➥ Fitting quality improvement

We have also improved the fitting quality of the 3D model by simplifying the flow of the algorithm and by increasing the range in which shape units are recalculated. Though it is a bit heavier, it still fits real-time performance (30FPS). 

Additionally, we have improved the quality of our model for faces that are tracked in rotation so it will generally feel better and more responsive to your end case. 

And in addition to these big improvements, our new visageISDK 9.1s also includes optimized HTML5 memory usage and working in strict mode.

Try our newest edition for free

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