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Face and head tracking

Monitor health by tracking head pose, gaze direction and eye closure or combine them with other technologies to yield other health-related insights.

Emotion tracking

Monitor patients’ emotions to allow stuff interventions when the system detects pain or anger. Emotion analysis also allows you to measure patient satisfaction.

Face recognition

Increase the safety of your facility by recognizing patients and staff. Patient recognition enables better, more personalized service, decreasing pressure on your staff at the same time.

Where it can be used


  • Identify staff and patients
  • Increase your facility’s security
  • Secure medical records
  • Track patients within a facility

Behavior analysis

  • Scan a patient’s face to determine the patient’s level of pain
  • Help predict when patients need more assistance due to unsafe behavior (removing breathing tubes, increased level of pain, etc.)
  • Monitor patient behavior from posture to movement


  • Reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness with social robots
  • Educate patients about disease prevention and care
  • Measure patient satisfaction with interactive surveys
  • Analyze patient’s mood and comfort

Assistive technologies

  • Assistive control of electronic devices
  • Control a computer using gaze or facial gestures

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