Track faces, create face masks, or make your own games in Unity with a single integration of our Unity face tracking plugin.

Create realistic face masks and filters

Introduce a broad range of incredible live effects into your Unity application. Real-time tracking of 99 facial landmarks ensures maximum stability and precision of face masks and filters. Modify users’ faces, add virtual accessories, map animated characters on their faces, and much more using our Unity face tracking plugin.

Boost sales with a virtual try-on

A virtual try-on lets users try on various products using nothing but their camera. Let users try on makeup, jewelry, glasses, colored contact lenses, and more. A realistic try-on experience is the best way to market your products, boost online sales or simply engage and entertain your target audience.

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face mask unity

Technical features


Build a Unity application on the platform of your choice – Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and HTML5 – using a wide range of visage|SDK features.

Detailed face data

99 facial points are tracked in real-time. This lets you create face filters and masks that respond to user’s position and facial expressions.

High precision

Fitted 3D face model enables you to apply stable and precise face masks and AR filters to one face or multiple faces simultaneously.

Simple integration

The integration is quick and easy due to detailed documentation and samples you can use to speed up the development of your project.

Get started with Unity face tracking

Deliver incredible live effects including 3D face placement, face painting, face swapping or face masking – either from video or live from your phone or webcam. Our Unity face tracking plugin lets you use various functionalities of visage|SDK to build your Unity app on the platform of your choice.