Empower customers and drive sales with virtual jewelry try-on software

A chance to virtually try on products has become a must-have for brands in the cosmetics, eyewear, and lifestyle industries. In just a few clicks, customers can check out how the chosen product suits them.

The benefits of a virtual jewelry try-on

For customers, a virtual try-on is a great way to easily find the product that suits them best. Consequently, they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase and remain loyal to their brand.

For brands, it’s a chance to increase their reach and sales – especially online. They can add a virtual try-on to their website, allowing users to try on products as they browse through the page. They can also build a mobile application with loyalty programs, social sharing options, shopping lists, and more. Finally, the technology can help grow sales in physical stores, too, using smart mirrors or tablets.

With online shopping on the rise, a virtual try-on is simply a must-have tool that helps your customers enjoy their shopping journey and brings them closer to making a purchase.

How to create your virtual try-on?

With our visage|SDK, you can easily create your own virtual try-on, or let our experienced team develop a custom, turnkey solution for you.

Since our technology tracks 115 facial points in real time, including ears, it makes it easy to create a mirror-like virtual try-on experience that will showcase your products across platforms.

Customers still prefer to try before they buy – AR face tracking technology helps make that happen.

Since visage|SDK is extremely lightweight, it can run smoothly on any device. Let customers try out your products using their smartphones or computer, or introduce smart mirrors into your stores and delight customers with an easy and convenient try-on experience.

Cutting-edge face tracking provides the perfect fit in real-time, even if the users move their head around. Customers can switch between different products in real time, which makes it easier for them to discover their favorites.

Besides being a useful tool on your customers’ shopping adventure, a virtual jewelry try-on can be a valuable source of information for you, too. For example, you can introduce analytics and monitor the latest trends and preferences among your customers. This can help you build better products, services, and business strategies.

Virtual piercing try-on

Ear piercings have been a classic form of body art in many parts of the world. Today, the choice of piercing types and jewelry has never been bigger. A virtual piercing try-on helps your customers visualize how the desired piercing would look on them. This helps them choose the best option for themselves and become a happy customer.

Virtual piercing try-on

Virtual earrings try-on

Let users try on earrings via an online application, your in-store tablet, or a smart mirror. They can easily see how each model fits them and buy their favorites. This helps turn window shoppers into buyers, especially online.

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