Arbelle – Beauty AI and AR solutions for cosmetic brands

Facial AI is rapidly gaining traction, particularly within the beauty industry, reshaping consumer behavior and expectations as we speak. For instance, a whooping 93% of Gen Z want to use virtual try-on tools for shopping.

For years, Visage Technologies has been on the front lines of this technological journey, closely collaborating with successful beauty brands.

As we’ve watched the beauty landscape evolve, we’ve decided to introduce a range of innovative beauty AI tools designed to help brands thrive in this exciting new era of beauty.

This is how Arbelle was born.

Meet Arbelle – our exclusive beauty tech brand

Since 2002, Visage Technologies has been developing unparalleled face AI technology, recognized and loved by hundreds of clients worldwide.

Among our clients were visionary beauty brands that noticed a significant shift in consumer behavior – a growing preference for online shopping and personalized experiences. Our facial tracking technology served as a cornerstone in meeting these new expectations, empowering beauty brands to deliver captivating virtual try-on experiences.

Finally, after years of development and collaboration with cosmetic brands, we unveiled Arbelle – our exclusive beauty tech brand designed to revolutionize the way beauty products are discovered, tried, and purchased.

Beauty AI and AR solutions tailored to cosmetic brands

Arbelle is all about creating true-to-life virtual makeup experiences. The unique fusion of advanced face tracking and analysis technology with hyper-realistic AR makeup takes the discovery, trial, and purchase of beauty products to a new level.

With hyper-realistic virtual try-on technology at its core, Arbelle goes beyond a makeup showcase, embracing personalization and inclusivity—the staples of modern beauty consumers.

Some of the tools cosmetic brands can leverage include:

  • Mirror-like virtual makeup try-on, transforming customers’ devices into virtual mirrors for seamless product exploration.
  • The world’s first foundation shade finder, enabling customers to discover and virtually try on products from your foundation collection that match their skin shade.
  • Personalized product recommendations based on facial features and preferences, guiding buying decisions and enhancing satisfaction.
  • Custom development services tailored to individual brand needs, leveraging our experienced in-house team.

For brands, Arbelle’s technology opens the door to exciting new opportunities for realistic virtual product showcases. By providing customers with lifelike virtual makeup experiences, brands can drive sales across channels and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Consumers can, on the other hand, discover products tailored to their unique features and preferences through an immersive and personalized beauty experience, fostering confidence and satisfaction.

Your trusted beauty tech partner

Arbelle is committed to giving cosmetic brands the tools they need to authentically showcase their products across channels. At the same time, it empowers consumers to explore makeup in an interactive and personalized way.

With an in-house research and development lab, Arbelle remains focused on pushing the boundaries of beauty tech. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating unparalleled beauty experiences for cosmetic brands looking to offer a personalized, engaging, and authentic virtual makeup experience.

If you’d like to explore the latest opportunities in beauty tech for your brand, get in touch.