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State-of-the-art face tracking and analysis technology

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Health, assistive technologies and biometrics

Face and head tracking can be utilized for monitoring health through posture tracking, supervised exercise or combination with other technologies for health-related measurements such as body temperature.


Visage Technologies’ head and face tracking can be deployed to control robots or interact with them.

Games, arts and entertainment

visage|SDK™ cutting-edge face tracking is an excellent basis for interactive animation, avatar control, sophisticated user interaction and other advanced features in games, arts installations and other applications.

Automotive and industrial safety

Visage Technologies’ mobile and adaptable technology for accurate tracking of head pose, gaze direction, facial actions and eye closure is an excellent basis for monitoring drivers’ or operators’ attention and focus.

Marketing research

Real-time gaze estimation provided by Visage Technologies is a powerful tool for analyzing how a user browses web pages, views advertisements or views displays in public spaces.


age2visage|SDK 8.0, now with age estimation

We are happy to announce the release of visage|SDK 8.0! Along with faster detection and higher recall, the major new addition is the update of our FaceAnalysis product, which now includes age estimation, next to gender and emotion estimation.

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Ready to get started?

Visage Technologies possesses a unique mix of knowledge and experience spanning computer vision and computer graphics. We offer consulting and custom development services to help you make the most of our technology. We can help you develop turnkey solutions for your innovative applications involving face tracking. Contact us and see what we can do for you!

We have been working with Visage Technologies across a number of campaigns in order to integrate their fantastic technology with a series of web builds we are currently operating. They have been incredibly helpful, answering any questions we have had throughout the process. Their team of well informed and polite staff have been a reliable asset to the project throughout both development and launch and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Tom Goldthorpe, Creative Producer at Gravity Thinking

We were glad that an online product like Visage Technologies was on the market when we needed it the most. It was mandatory for the ALS Liga to be able to show what is was like to have ALS without having to install hardware. It made our idea a succes and we hope to spread the awareness while people are experiencing ALS

Marc Vander Heyden, Creative at Publicis Brussels

The team at Visage are professional and easy to work with, striving to meet our product requirements at every turn. Our search for a suitable face tracking and analysis provider put Visage on top every time. The easy integration and usability has reduced our development time and enabled us to achieve a superior result. When we first decided to search for a solution, we knew exactly what we needed. We contacted a number of face tracking providers, but Visage Technologies quickly proved its worth by its ease of use and cutting-edge technology. Highly recommended to all.

Craig Moody, Co-founder of Snappadoodle

visage|SDK™ allowed us to showcase the results of our research in face tracking in an attractive way that was demonstrated in public with great success.

Unisilver was using visage|SDK and Visage Technologies custom development services, and software and services provided by Visage Technologies greatly simplified the integration of facial animation into Unisilver products.

Unisilver Inc., Korea

Latest company news

February 10, 2016

visage|SDK 8.0 beta, now with age estimation!

The new release of visage|SDK 8.0 includes the latest addition to our FaceAnalysis package: along with gender and emotion estimation, we present our age estimation API as well. The other novelties include: improved face detection algorithm resulting in faster detection and higher recall landmark detection noise slightly reduced due to tracking algorithm reimplementation tracker FPS […]

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November 27, 2015

visage|SDK 7.4, now with emotion and gender estimation!

We are happy to announce the release of visage|SDK 7.4! Other than significantly better tracking, the major new addition is our new FaceAnalysis product, which includes emotion and gender estimation. Visage Technologies is proud to release our most stable and accurate face-tracking product, which gives our technology a great competitive advantage. Visage Technologies is proud […]

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Latest computer vision news

December 4, 2015

Sherlock: modeling structured knowledge from images

Researchers from the Rutgers University have decided to build a machine-learning method that can continuously gain structured visual knowledge by learning structured facts?

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November 25, 2015

Images don’t lie: rank learning

The task of ranking search results automatically is a multibillion dollar machine-learning problem. Traditional models optimize over a few hand-crafted features based on the item’s text. Recently, researchers have created a multimodal learning method that combines this traditional features with visual semantic features transferred from a deep convolutional neural network. They have tested their model […]

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About the company

Visage Technologies AB is a private company making computer vision software for face tracking and analysis. The primary product is a multiplatform software development kit visage|SDK. Our technology is licensed by more than 100 clients in 30 countries, ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals, as well as academic and research institutions.

Our technology features face and head tracking, including state-of-the-art face detection, eye tracking (gaze tracking), gender and emotion estimation, along with industry-beating support for all major platforms and embedded systems. A unique mix of research, knowledge, experience and cooperation, combined with consulting and custom development services help the clients make the most of this cutting-edge technology.

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