Free face tracking software for Android and iOS applications

Finding a reliable tracker can be a challenge on a low budget and high expectations. To encourage innovation, we’ve recently introduced FaceTrack LITE – free face tracking software for Android and iOS applications.

Meet FaceTrack LITE

FaceTrack LITE is our free package designed for free or promotional applications with up to 10.000 users. It’s packed with smart face tracking algorithms that detect more than 70 facial points, track faces, identify 3D head pose, and provide a full, textured 3D model.

FaceTrack is the result of 18 years of research and development, during which we have created, tested and perfected our technology. It has been used across industries to create innovative solutions such as:

We’ve paid special attention to the quality of our code, making it as lightweight as possible. As a result, our software is completely mobile-friendly. It runs smoothly on all devices and performs well with a broad range of cameras and resolutions. This is especially important for mobile devices and moderns users that expect the best user experience, fast.

FaceTrack LITE works both online and offline. That way, even if your app doesn’t have an Internet connection, the tracker will still work flawlessly.

Finally, the package comes with a detailed development guide and lots of customization options. We also offer custom development services in case you’d like us to develop a custom app for you from scratch.

LITE is a great way to get started with proven face-tracking technology without breaking the bank. Of course, in case you need something extra, such as additional features or more licences, you can always switch to FaceTrack.

Get started with free face tracking software

FaceTrack LITE offers everything you need to create a mobile application with reliable face tracking functionalities. To get your licence, simply get in touch with our experts and they’ll walk you through the rest.