[NEW RELEASES] visageISDK 9.0b1 and makeupISDK 3.2 introduce significant improvements

Each new release of our SDKs helps you build better, faster, and stronger solutions. It’s always exciting to see the new opportunities they open up, and today we have a real treat. We’re bringing you not one, but two releases – visage|SDK 9.0b1 and makeup|SDK 3.2.

visageISDK 9.0beta1 builds upon all the previous powerful releases and introduces a major face analysis upgrade. makeupISDK 3.2 introduces more stable and accurate landmark points and improved face tracking. This ensures an even better and more realistic AR makeup fit in real time.

As always, both releases are the result of our clients’ and partners’ feedback and detailed in-house research and development.

visage|SDK 9.0b1: Improved face tracking and analysis

visageISDK 9.0b1 introduces new and improved ways of tracking age and gender, resulting in improved estimation accuracy.

  • Improved age and gender estimation

Age and gender estimation is now faster, more accurate, and more lightweight than ever. Try it out for free by requesting a free Face Analysis evaluation license.

  • Multi-frame analysis module

The multi-frame analysis module is the new API that ensures more stable tracking. It identifies the best frames during a tracking session and uses them to provide more accurate age and gender estimations, and eliminate spikes.

The new API features introduce new data changes, too. Please refer to the migration notes for data location changes and ways to apply them to your application code.

Interested in trying it out? Get in touch with us or contact your sales representative.

  • Multi-face tracking

We are often asked how many faces FaceTrack can track. The answer is – a lot! More precisely, the number of tracked faces can be customized to your specific use case.

Now, multi-face tracking is available even if the 3D model fitting is disabled. This allows you to get more information about your surroundings, especially in more crowded spaces.

  • New facial bounding box parameters & improved tracking precision

visage|SDK 9.0b1 introduces a new parameter for obtaining the bounding box of each detected face. Furthermore, due to improved physical contour tracking, you can now track faces with greater accuracy, even in low lightning conditions and with mouth occlusions. This is especially useful for automotive use cases, outdoor solutions, and in-home systems.

  • GPU support for the Android and iOS

visage|SDK algorithms now can be offloaded to the GPU. This ensures better real-time performance on low-power devices like in-store mirrors or virtual try-on solutions for color cosmetics.

  • macOS for ARM and x86 flexibility

Now you can find a package for both x64 and ARM architecture and enjoy greater flexibility in dealing with your customer’s choice of hardware.

makeup|SDK 3.2: Ensuring true-to-life AR makeup

makeupISDK 3.2 is based on a particular version of frontal face tracking technology which ensures the perfect fit in real time. Now, it introduces additional benefits:

  • New frontal tracking with greater precision

Our newest SDK brings more stability and precision with landmark points, 3D head pose and physical contour. This enables better rendering of AR makeup and improves the experience for the end-users of virtual makeup try-ons.

With makeup|SDK, your customers can explore a wide palette of your products in seconds. Let them experiment and find their perfect look from the comfort of their home. Activate your free trial and explore makeupISDK 3.2 by getting in touch.

  • Improved features rendering 

We are constantly perfecting our technology to meet new market needs and trends. As a result, makeup|SDK 3.2 comes with the updated rendering of blush, contour and eyebrows features that help achieve true-to-life AR makeup in different lighting conditions.

  • New textures and meshes for better realism

A virtual makeup try-on can do wonders for your business in terms of marketing and sales. It engages your customers, lets them explore your products anytime and anywhere, and makes buying decisions much easier.

To ensure even more realistic looks, we updated our textures and meshes, including lip makeup, eyeshadow, foundation, blush and contour. The new updates are available on all devices – PC, Android or iOS.

Also, did we mention our makeup editor which demonstrates how quick and easy it is to create digital representations of your makeup products? Simply drop us a note and we’ll show you how.

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