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FaceRecognition measures similarity between human faces and recognizes a person’s identity from frontal facial images by comparing it to faces previously stored in a gallery.


Angelina Jolie - face recognitionvisage|SDK‘s FaceRecognition package is used to identify or verify a person from a digital image or a video source using a stored face database. Our face-recognition algorithm is capable of measuring similarity between people and recognizing a person’s identity from frontal facial image (yaw angle approximately from -20 to 20 degrees) by comparing it to faces previously stored in a gallery.

Robert De NiroIn our face-recognition technology, the similarity between two faces is calculated as a difference between their face descriptors and returned as a value between 0 (no similarity) and 1 (maximum similarity). For the purpose of face recognition, faces are stored in a gallery. The gallery is an array of face descriptors, with a corresponding array of names, so that the gallery may contain n descriptors and a corresponding name for each descriptor. To perform recognition, the face descriptor extracted from the input image is then compared with face descriptors from the gallery and the similarity between the input face descriptor and all face descriptors from the gallery is calculated in order to find the face(s) from the gallery that are most similar to the input face.

Face-recognition systems are commonly used for security purposes and biometrics, but can be used for various other purposes to differentiate among people, automatize identification or enhance marketing personalization. By using the human face as a key to security measures, face recognition has received significant attention in the past couple of years because of its variety of application, ranging from video surveillance and security software to web advertising and entertainment, along with providing personalized services.

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