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This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of face tracking, key considerations when choosing the software, and how to get started using Visage Technologies’ FaceTrack.

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What is face tracking?


Face tracking is a powerful technology that detects, analyzes, and tracks the movements and features of a human face in real time. This technology has seen extensive application in various fields such as social media filters, gaming, virtual try-ons, driver monitoring, augmented reality, health institutions, marketing and advertising, robotics or human-to-machine communications, etc.

At its core, face tracking technology combines computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to recognize and follow faces and various points on the face, i.e., the contours and movements of a face in digital imagery or video.

Face tracking for Android: How to choose and excel with the right software


When it comes to choosing face tracking software for Android, or any mobile platform, several factors come into play. Here are the most important ones to keep in mind.

1. Accuracy and precision

A critical factor when choosing the right face tracking software for Android is its accuracy and precision. And Visage Technologies’ FaceTrack stands out with its remarkable accuracy and precision, correctly identifying and following facial features amidst various changes in lighting or position and even with facial occlusions. 

Moreover, our FaceTrack tracks over 100 facial landmarks that include mouth, eyes, nose, ears, brows, and contour. And it is the accurate tracking of these facial landmarks that plays a pivotal role in enhancing the software’s precision, enabling it to capture a wide array of facial expressions and movements accurately.

And as we continue to optimize our technology, the number of trackable landmarks is planned to increase, making the software even more robust and precise. This superior level of detail offers developers the potential to create highly interactive and responsive applications, amplifying user engagement.

2. Reliability under various real-life conditions

This primarily includes lighting changes and occlusions. When it comes to lighting, it could include transitioning from optimal daylight to dimmer room light, or even situations where the only light source is the device’s display. Our software maintains its tracking performance under these varying lighting conditions, allowing for accurate adjustments based on the user’s position.

In addition, the face tracking software should efficiently handle occlusions, or obstructions to the face. These can range from temporary interferences like a hand scratching the face, to permanent features like glasses, jewelry, tattoos, or significant facial hair. A robust face tracking Android solution should be adept at navigating these challenges, i.e., accurately estimating landmarks, to ensure smooth and consistent performance. And our FaceTrack has got it covered.

3. Face angle width support

When selecting face tracking software for Android, considering the software’s face angle width support is essential. In other words, the software should be able to account for various head rotations and remain consistent in tracking. For example, a user’s face may not always be positioned directly in front of the camera, such as when inclining or throwing back the head. The software’s functionality can be affected if face tracking is lost due to these changes in orientation.

Software that supports wide angles and head rotations can detect and track a face even when the user is not looking straight into the camera, providing a superior user experience. This allows for greater freedom of movement, ensuring consistent tracking without disruption. The most advanced face tracking software, such as our FaceTrack, can support a wide range of degrees and accommodate full phone rotation, making the app more versatile and user-friendly.

4. Real-time performance

In the realm of face tracking, real-time performance is more than a convenience – it’s a necessity. This is particularly true for applications centered around gaming and augmented reality, where instantaneous responses and interactions form the heart of the user experience.

Visage Technologies’ FaceTrack software understands these needs and rises to the challenge, delivering exceptional real-time performance. By processing and analyzing video frames instantaneously, it provides smooth, seamless tracking that keeps pace with the user’s movements and expressions. This ensures that the tracking is not only accurate but also immediate, preserving the user’s immersion and enhancing their engagement.

5. Quality support and user-friendliness

The importance of support and user-friendliness in face tracking software like FaceTrack cannot be understated. They can make the difference between a seamless development experience and a frustrating one. And Visage Technologies always goes the extra mile by offering comprehensive documentation and an excellent customer support system.

With our face tracking tech, you get a well-documented API and sample applications that make implementation easy, significantly reducing the learning curve associated with new software. These resources can guide you through any obstacles you encounter during development and implementation. Plus, it means developers can rapidly become proficient with the software, resulting in faster development cycles and quicker deployment of applications.

Dive deeper: Unlock additional potential with visage|SDK and Arbelle

In addition to FaceTrack, we offer a range of other modules through our visage|SDK to further augment your applications. These include:

  • FaceAnalysis: Complementing FaceTrack, visage|SDK includes a face analysis module capable of estimating age, gender, and emotions, thus enriching the depth of user interactions within your face tracking Android application.

    This technology can revolutionize numerous sectors. This includes personalized marketing where content can be tailored based on users’ emotions and demographic data, healthcare applications that monitor patient wellness through facial cues,  improved gaming experiences where a player’s in-game character can react according to the player’s real-time emotional state, and much more.
  • Face Recognition: This is a powerful technology that utilizes advanced algorithms to identify or verify a person’s identity using their unique facial features.

    It has a broad range of applications, from enhancing security systems through facial biometrics, enabling personalized user experiences in mobile apps to streamlining attendance systems in corporate or educational environments and even aiding law enforcement in identifying individuals in crowded public spaces. Moreover, our FaceRecognition is a top performer in independent NIST benchmarks when it comes to speed and accuracy, even on edge computing devices.

And for those looking to take their application to the next level, Arbelle, our beauty AR, offers a range of features to create AR makeup experiences through virtual try-ons. It allows end users to test out different makeup products and accessories virtually, and, coupled with the FaceTrack technology, provides a truly immersive and personalized user experience.

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Face tracking technology is revolutionizing the way we interact with our devices. And with the right software, you, too, can be part of this exciting development.

With Visage Technologies’ FaceTrack for Android and a range of other face technology modules such as face analysis and face recognition, you’ll have all the tools you need to create a standout application that is not only functional but also engaging and enjoyable to use.

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