Why investing in AR beauty technology is the future for growing cosmetic brands

The beauty industry has always been one of the most competitive and ever-evolving sectors, constantly looking for ways to innovate and remain relevant. 

And augmented reality technology has brought about a whole new wave of innovation! Cosmetic brands are now leveraging this technology to enhance the customer experience, increase customer engagement and drive sales through an omnichannel presence. 

Augmented reality cosmetics has, therefore, opened up a brand-new world of possibilities for cosmetic brands. Because, among other things, it helps you differentiate your brand and stay ahead of the competition. 

In this article, we’ll explore why investing in AR cosmetics is the future for growing your brand and how it’s already being used in the industry.

Augmented reality cosmetics and AR beauty technology – an overview

AR in beauty industry is an innovative way for cosmetic brands to enhance the consumer shopping experience, making it interactive and personalized. Augmented reality cosmetics allow consumers to try on different products and shades virtually, providing them with a better understanding of how a product will look and feel before making a purchase. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to share the look with friends and on social media. 

This type of technology is called a virtual try-on, and it’s among the most commonly used AR cosmetics tools today. 

But there is more to it than simply trying on makeup. AR has found its application and purpose in many facets of the beauty industry. And one of its top advantages is also driving sales and boosting your business.

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It doesn’t come as a surprise then that more and more cosmetic brands are leveraging this technology to enhance their customer experience and drive sales.

We can safely say that AR has taken the beauty industry by storm. Now, let’s see how, why, and where you can implement it, too!

AR cosmetics – most common use cases today

➥ Virtual makeup try-ons

One of the most popular use cases for AR in the beauty industry is virtual makeup try-ons. Customers can use their smartphones, tablets, or computers to try on various makeup products and shades, getting a better understanding of how a product will look and feel on their skin. And it can look and feel pretty realistic!

The technology behind AR makeup has come such a long way since its beginnings that today, augmented reality makeup can look almost identical to the real deal. With our tech, such as makeup|SDK, you can now customize your makeup products to the smallest of details. This includes everything from different shades of color to unique characteristics such as a glossy finish. 

Our real-time face tracking technology also makes it possible for users to see how this glossy finish (or any other feature) would look from various angles while moving their heads, what it would look like in different lighting, etc.    

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This technology has proven to be particularly useful for customers who are hesitant to try out new makeup products or who are looking for a more convenient way to test different shades and products.

In addition, it also saves time and money, eliminating the need for in-person trials and returns. 

And if we focus on the actual shopping habits of your customers, we can clearly see that AR is becoming indispensable. Snapchat’s 2022 Generation Report shows that Gen Z wants an easier, more social, and more fun shopping experience online. And with that in mind, the report also states that 93% of them are interested in using AR for shopping in general, and 88% like to use AR to try on makeup or clothes.

Overall, virtual makeup try-ons provide a convenient, cost-effective, and inclusive way for customers to experiment with makeup looks and products. And this, in turn, makes them an essential tool for beauty brands looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving industry.

➥ Interactive makeup tutorials

Another popular use case of augmented reality cosmetics is interactive makeup tutorials. Cosmetic brands can create AR-powered tutorials that show customers how to apply makeup and offer tips and tricks to achieve different looks. 

Interactive makeup tutorials offer several advantages for both cosmetic brands and customers. Firstly, they provide customers with a personalized and interactive experience. This allows them to try out different makeup looks virtually without the need for physical products. Customers can also experiment with different looks without the risk of wasting money on products that may not work for them.

Secondly, interactive makeup tutorials offer a more engaging and immersive experience than traditional makeup tutorials. By using augmented reality makeup, customers can see how the makeup will look on their own faces in real time. That way, it’s easier for them to follow the tutorial and replicate the look. 

Finally, by providing customers with an immersive experience like this, your brand can differentiate itself from the competition creating a stronger emotional connection with the customers. This can lead to increased brand loyalty, as customers are more likely to purchase products from a brand that they feel a connection with.

An example of this is the WOW HOW app. The app uses AR technology along with Visage Technologies’ FaceTrack to allow customers to try on different makeup looks virtually and receive personalized tips and tricks on how to achieve the desired result.

Find out more in our case study: WOW HOW – Revolutionizing beauty tutorials

➥ The metaverse and augmented reality cosmetics

The metaverse is a virtual world that allows customers to interact with brands in a fully immersive and personalized way. 

And with the emergence of the metaverse, cosmetic brands can now leverage AR beauty technology to provide customers with a virtual experience that goes beyond traditional online shopping. For instance, customers can try on different makeup looks in a virtual environment that simulates a real-life setting, such as a beauty salon or a fashion show.

Cosmetic brands can, therefore, use augmented reality to create virtual experiences where customers can try on makeup products, receive personalized recommendations, and interact with other customers in real time.

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Gen Z is already out there in the metaverse, shopping, interacting, building it, and living a digital life. And they also want you to be there, as 41% of Gen Zers believe brands should sell in the metaverse.

Find out more about the opportunities metaverse makeup can create for your brand right here

➥ Augmented reality cosmetics in marketing and sales

Augmented reality makeup is also being used by cosmetic brands very effectively to enhance marketing and sales strategies.

It can, for example, provide brands with valuable insights into consumer preferences and behavior. How is that? 

Well, through analyzing data collected from virtual try-ons, cosmetic brands can gain insights into the most popular shades, products, and features preferred by customers. Moreover, you can also gain insights into what type of products are most popular among specific age groups and similar customer demographic groups.

You can get this data, for example, by integrating our FaceAnalysis technology for age estimation in your virtual try-on.


This information can then be used to tailor product development and marketing efforts, ensuring that brands are meeting the demands of their customers.

Augmented reality cosmetics tools are also cost-effective for cosmetic brands, providing a more affordable way to market and showcase products

With traditional marketing methods, cosmetic brands need to invest in expensive in-store promotions, advertisements, and social media campaigns. AR cosmetics, on the other hand, allows brands to showcase their products in a unique and interactive way – e.g., through virtual try-ons – increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. 

And on top of that, augmented reality makeup is accessible to customers from anywhere, at any time, providing a more convenient shopping experience.

Start growing your cosmetic brand

Overall, augmented reality cosmetics is becoming essential for all cosmetic brands looking to remain relevant in the competitive beauty industry. 

With virtual makeup try-ons, interactive makeup tutorials, and the metaverse, you, too, can offer a personalized, immersive, and convenient experience to your customers. And, with it, you can drive your sales and stand out among the competition. 

So, don’t miss out on the opportunities that AR cosmetics can create for your brand. Get started with our makeup|SDK today and create a unique and transformative virtual try-on experience.

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