The best face tracking software for HTML5 and how to get started today

In the digital realm, face tracking is rapidly emerging as a transformative force. And as more applications are moving to the web, integrating advanced face tracking is key to driving unparalleled user experiences.

This guide provides a deep dive into face tracking essentials, the criteria to select the best software for HTML5, and the integration capabilities with other tech.

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What is face tracking?

Face tracking is an advanced technology that operates at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence. It’s designed to detect, analyze, give outputs, and follow the movements and features of a human face in real time.


The applications of face tracking are vast and diverse, touching nearly every aspect of the digital experience. It has become the backbone of social media filters, augmented the realism in gaming, and enhanced the practicality of virtual try-ons.

The technology has also proven to be a crucial component in driver monitoring systems, contributing to road safety.

Furthermore, it has found significant uses in health institutions for patient monitoring, in marketing and advertising for gauging consumer reactions, and in robotics for facilitating human-to-machine communications.

And with each passing day, face tracking continues to weave itself more intricately into the fabric of our digital interactions.

Face tracking for HTML5: How to choose the right software for your needs?

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1. Accuracy and precision

In the realm of face tracking, precision is non-negotiable. The optimal software must pinpoint each facial landmark with precision, offering an unparalleled user experience that feels both genuine and responsive.

And Visage Technologies’ FaceTrack exemplifies these qualities. It distinguishes itself with an impressive capability to accurately identify and track 151 facial landmarks – spanning the mouth, eyes, nose, brows, ears, and facial contour.

This meticulous attention to detail enables the software to remain accurate regardless of lighting variations, changes in head position, and even when facial features are partially occluded.

2. Face angle width support

Faces are naturally expressive, often moving and tilting in a multitude of angles. Premium face tracking software for HTML5 must be equipped to recognize and track these diverse orientations, wide angles, and head rotations, ensuring a comprehensive tracking experience.

Our FaceTrack excels in this, offering robust tracking that copes with full rotation and a broad spectrum of user movements. Plus, it is very fast to reset.

This adaptability means that even when users aren’t directly facing the camera, the software maintains consistent tracking, enhancing the application’s versatility and ease of use.

3. Real-time performance

In today’s digital age, instantaneous feedback is not just preferred; it’s expected. Face tracking software for HTML5 should be adept at providing real-time results, ensuring users stay engaged and satisfied.

Visage Technologies’ FaceTrack responds to this need for speed with outstanding real-time performance, analyzing video frames instantaneously for smooth, uninterrupted tracking. Our FaceTrack, for example, provides excellent performance in real-time, even on older mobile devices! You can try out the showcase demo for yourself to see the results. 

This immediate response preserves user immersion and boosts engagement by keeping pace with every movement and expression.

4. Reliability under various real-life conditions

The external environment can be a cauldron of unpredictability. From changing light conditions and diverse backdrops to face obstructions, glasses, jewelry, and facial hair, your chosen face tracking HTML5 tool should stand unfazed, consistently delivering impeccable results.

And our face tracking technology has got this covered. It is fully adept at navigating all these challenges, i.e., accurately estimating landmarks to ensure smooth and consistent performance.

5. Quality support and user-friendliness

Solid support and ease of use are key in face tracking software like FaceTrack. It is what turns a potentially complex task into a smooth and straightforward development process.

And at Visage Technologies’, our best face tracking software for HTML5 is always complemented by robust, around-the-clock support. Moreover, our tech comes with extensive documentation and sample applications that shorten development timelines and make integration easier.

Dive deeper: Unlock additional potential with other visage|SDK modules and Arbelle

In addition to FaceTrack, we offer several other modules through our visage|SDK to further enhance your applications. These include:

  • Face analysis – By pairing FaceTrack with the visage|SDK’s face analysis technology, HTML5 applications can now understand and respond to a user’s demographic and emotional context, offering a personalized touch. This fusion could transform marketing efforts with emotion-based content customization, enable health apps to assess patient mood and wellness, and create more empathetic gaming avatars that mirror player reactions.
age, gender and emotion tracking and detection_visage-technologies
  • Face recognition – Incorporating face recognition into HTML5 apps leverages cutting-edge algorithms for identity verification, enhancing app security and personalization. This technology is versatile, improving everything from security protocols and streamlined check-ins to supporting law enforcement. Its top-tier performance in NIST benchmarks ensures reliable identification, even in edge computing scenarios.

  • Virtual makeup technology – The Arbelle virtual makeup SDK takes HTML5 applications to a new level of engagement, allowing users to try on makeup virtually in real time. When integrated with face tracking, it paves the way for an immersive shopping experience, letting users see themselves with different products, ensuring a personalized and interactive user journey.

Embark on your HTML5 face tracking journey

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge about what to look for in face tracking software and understand the potential of visage|SDK, it’s time to dive in!

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Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring that your journey into the world of face tracking is smooth and hassle-free.

Face tracking is redefining interactive experiences across platforms, and with the right software in hand, you’re poised to be at the forefront of this technological revolution!

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