Face Track

Track 3D head pose, facial expressions, and gaze with proven face tracking technology.

One SDK, countless opportunities.

Unparalleled face tracking technology

FaceTrack detects and tracks one or more faces and their facial features in images and videos from any standard camera or video file in color, grayscale and near-infrared.

  • Lightweight SDK

    Fast and lightweight

    Integrate eye tracking into any solution – from small, mobile apps to complex solutions. Low data size and memory usage ensure market-leading speed and accuracy.

  • Platforms

    Runs anywhere

    FaceTrack works smoothly on mobile, web and desktop, even without an Internet connection. It’s available for all major platforms and embedded systems, and has a Unity plugin.

  • Privacy


    FaceTrack does not store any type of images or data. It does not extract, compute, or analyze any descriptors which could be used for identification purposes.

  • Robust technology


    Enjoy exceptional performance even in challenging conditions, such as faces with high variability in scale, illumination, pose, and occlusion.

  • Easy integration

    Easy to integrate

    Integrate FaceTrack in no time with the help of our detailed guides and samples and access tracking data on the fly via an easy-to-use API.

  • Customizable


    Adapt speed, performance, and other parameters of FaceTrack to your specific use case and hardware capacity.

Face tracking
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Real-time face tracking

FaceTrack detects and tracks 151 facial points of one or multiple faces in images and videos from any standard camera or video file in color, grayscale and near-infrared, including:

  • 2D and 3D head pose and facial features coordinates
  • Eye tracking and gaze direction
  • 3D face model in the current pose and expression
  • Action units describing the current facial expressions (e.g. jaw drop, eye closure, etc.)
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Eye gaze tracking

FaceTrack provides real-time information on eye movement and closure, gaze direction, 3D and 2D pupil coordinates, and iris radius. This helps pinpoint where a person is looking in order to understand what attracts and holds their attention.

  • Eye movement tracking and eye closure
  • Eye gaze direction vector
  • 3D and 2D coordinates of the eyes / pupils
  • Screen-space gaze coordinates (the point on the screen the user is looking at)
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Gaze tracking
Face tracking technology
One SDK, countless opportunities

Technology that meets your needs

Easily adjust face tracking parameters to build a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Introduce additional functionalities such as face verification, emotion recognition, or age and gender estimation by combining face tracking with other modules of visage|SDK.

  • Supported platforms: Windows, OS X, RedHat, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, HTML5, Xilinx, Ambarella, and Raspberry Pi
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We have been innovating in the field of computer vision since 2002. With hundreds of happy clients worldwide, amazing partners, and a growing team of experts, we keep pushing the limits of what computer vision can do.

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