Ear tracking is a functionality of visage|SDK that allows you to track 24 additional feature points on ears. It detects and reliably tracks 12 points of each ear in real time.

Use cases:

  • Virtual earrings try on

Virtual earrings try-on lets users try out earrings via an online application or your in-store tablet or smart mirror. They can easily see how each model fits them and buy their favorites. This helps turn window shoppers into buyers, especially online.

  • Piercing try on

Ear piercings have been a classic form of body art in many parts of the world. Today, the choice of piercing types and jewelry has never been bigger. A virtual piercing try on helps your customers visualize how a desired ear piercing would look on them. This helps them choose the best option for themselves and become your happy customer.

  • Other

Integrate ear tracking yourself or let our experienced team build a ready-made solution for you.