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Visage MakeApp – Virtual Makeup app

Visage MakeApp enables end-users to virtually try all elements of makeup and experiment with different looks before purchasing makeup products.

Users can explore how a new mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner or blush looks on them in real time using their phone’s built-in camera. That way, the challenge of people that are hesitant to purchase products without trying it on first disappears, and beauty brands can easily keep up with the fast pace of today’s market.

We offer our virtual makeup as a white-label application for cosmetics brands. Our expert team is available to fully customize the app to specific requirements of your cosmetics brand.



Our clients

Our technology has been used to create various makeup apps for virtual try-on.

Guerlain now offers digital make up stands in their boutiques that utilize our face tracking technology for virtual make up try on. Shoppers can select a desired Rouge G Guerlain lipstick, choose a case and color to see they match together, and ultimately try out how an unlimited number of colors suits them, all in real time.

Dynamo has created the Makeup Wizard – an award-winning Android and iOS app – which enables virtual try-on of makeup from the Oriflame The One brand:

One of our clients has created a live 3D web-based virtual try on for Slate NYC.

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