[NEW RELEASE] visage|SDK 8.8 introduces improved face tracking and detection

We are proud to announce that visage|SDK 8.8 is now released and ready for download. Like all of our releases, it is the result of months of research and development, thorough testing, and, most importantly, the feedback from our clients and partners

What’s new?

visage|SDK 8.8 brings an overall improvement of face tracking and detection with respect to occlusions and head pose estimation. The SDK has also been simplified in terms of data files, configuration files, and parameters.

More precisely, the changes include:

  • Improved tracking and detection of masked faces
    Our face tracking and detection algorithms have been enhanced to track and detect faces wearing protective masks of various colors and patterns.
  • Removal of the legacy tracking and detection algorithm
    Our latest neural network algorithm – VNN – has been improved to ensure state-of-the-art face tracking and detection. Therefore, all of the algorithms that were no longer competitive have been removed to simplify usage and reduce data.
  • Switching from visible to physical contour
    By introducing physical contour, the stability and accuracy of one of the main visage|SDK features – 3D head-pose estimation – has been improved. This is especially important for use cases such as drive monitoring, virtual try-on, and gaming.
  • Liveness API exposure
    Liveness detection is an anti-spoofing method used to detect whether a face belongs to a live person, as opposed to a photograph or video of someone. So far, liveness has been a part of our FaceTrack package only, allowing you to use preset actions or create custom ones. As of this release, the usage of the Liveness preset actions is available with the FaceRecognition license as well.
  • Swift wrapper
    With the newly implemented Swift wrapper, visage|SDK can be used to develop in the Swift programming language on iOS and macOS.

To learn more about visage|SDK, visit our online documentation. Read about interesting use cases, explore samples, find answers to the most common questions, and more.

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