[NEW RELEASE] visage|SDK 8.5 is now live!

We’re happy to announce that the newest version of visage|SDK – 8.5 is now live and available for download. This release was focused on increasing the tracking precision, mostly during head rotations and challenging backgrounds.

The 8.5 release includes the following improvements:

Improved smoothing filter
Smoothing of feature points is performed using multiple filters. For still face, higher amount of smoothing is applied while fast movements are less smoothed in order to avoid noticeable delay. Increased stability of feature points and head position especially in profile and half-profile pose.

Refactoring of frame preprocessing resulting in more stable FPS and improved accuracy on high-resolution frames
The core tracking loop was reimplemented to make the tracking frame rate less dependent on the size of the face in the image. This fixes performance drops in cases where the face takes up a small portion of the frame. Additionally, noise introduced by resizing of higher-resolution frames is reduced which results in more stable tracking.

We encourage you to upgrade from 8.4 Stable to 8.5 Stable to enjoy more precise tracking, especially in half-profile and profile positions.

Coming soon: ear tracking

We’re already knee-deep in preparations for the upcoming 8.6 release that will introduce the newest feature in our wide face-tracking offering – ear tracking. With 12 landmark points per ear and upgraded 3D models, many exciting opportunities open up, including virtual jewelry try-on, improved biometrics, and more.

Ear tracking is just one of many exciting features we’re preparing for the upcoming release, so stay tuned for more information.

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