VR and AR face tracking use cases and trends

AR has found its way to our smartphones, smart mirrors and smart glasses (AR headsets). Here is how to use these new technologies to engage your audience and improve business results.

Lie to me: reading hidden emotions

Microexpressions magnified at different levels IEEE researchers have studied micro-expressions: rapid, involuntary facial expressions which reveal emotions that people do not intend to show. This is of extreme importance in forensic science and psychotherapy, and we all remember the TV show Lie to me, which focused on these micro-expressions (MEs). Unlike the pompous TV shows, real-life […]

How to predict cuteness

“Cuteness” is a concept that received lots of attention not only from the vast population of the Internet, but from psychologists and neurologists as well. For example, usually brain activity (using fMRI, like in work of Kim and Hamann) is greater when the stimulus has infant-like characteristics, like big eyes, fat cheeks, or a large […]

Rolling in the deep: tracking zebrafish behavior

Neuroscientists and biologists have investigated zebrafish for quite a while, since they have much more in common than meets the eye. There is, of course, one obvious difference: they move in three dimensions while swimming. Therefore, it was interesting to track fish to collect information about the third dimension of depth, which is usually missing […]

Learning new tricks from old dogs: canine gaze tracking

Researchers from the University of Helsinki investigated the similarities and differences in people and dog gazing in interaction. There were various independent studies focusing on canine gazing, but this is the first study that did the comparisons under very similar condition, focusing on dogs’ visual attention in social scenes. The researchers tracked and recorded the eye […]